Terms and conditions

These Terms and conditions (”Terms”) apply to the Reflect web-based service (”Service”) provided by Hanken & SSE Executive Education Ab (P.O. Box 479, 00101 Helsinki, Finland, Business ID 1566951-6) (“Hanken & SSE”).

By registering as a user of the Service, the users confirm that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and undertake to comply with them, and give their consent to the processing of their personal data as described in the Privacy Statement.

Privacy statement

Purpose of the Service
Reflect is a service for developing self-leadership, interaction skills and teamwork. It supports the implementation of the training and training process.

Use of the Service
The user conducts exercises in Reflect and the result of these exercises are only visible to the user.

For users whose Reflect has a Strengths Survey
With the strengths survey, the users receive information on their own strengths, interaction skills and teamwork abilities. This information is used in other parts of Reflect, for example, in developing interaction skills and gathering teams. The user accepts that after completing the strengths survey, other users may pick up interaction tips, thus information on the user’s style of interaction is available to others, and that with the aid of the Teams tool, other users can review the team roles in which the user is at their best.

For users whose Reflect has a possibility to share results
The users may, if they so desire, share results with other users (for example, with the trainer) and make the results private again.

Deleting personal data
The users may delete their own exercises. When deleting the exercises or the entire user account, the exercises will also be deleted from Reflect from those users they have been shared with. User’s personal data will also be deleted from the interaction tips picked up by other users and the team pictures created by other users.

The users may delete their own Reflect account.

The user may request the deletion of their personal data at any time by email at reflect.support@hankensse.fi.

Liability of the Service provider
The Service is, in principle, available and functional always “as is” provided by Hanken & SSE, and Hanken & SSE does not guarantee that the service or any of its individual functions would always be available without interruptions.

Hanken & SSE always has the right to terminate the Service if it is absolute necessary due to technical changes and renewals or installation, modification and maintenance work of the communication network, or if legislation, regulations, orders from authorities, instructions, statements or recommendations of the key associations of the industry so require.

The users use the Service at their own risk and Hanken & SSE is not responsible for any possible damage to the user or the user’s terminal caused by the use of the Service. In so far as it is not possible to effectively limit Hanken & SSE’s responsibility towards the user, Hanken & SSE’s responsibility is limited to a maximum of 100 euros or a compelling statutory amount higher than that.

Hanken & SSE’s rights
Hanken & SSE may use all information in the Reflect database anonymously, when creating statistics. Hanken & SSE ensures that it never publishes information from which the user can in any means be identified.
The user accepts that
• in order to provide the Service Hanken & SSE and parties authorised by Hanken & SSE have the right to process the information entered in the Service by the user.
• Hanken & SSE may process the anonymised data in order to create statistics related to the Service.
• Hanken & SSE has the right to disclose such anonymised data and statistic to third parties provided that individual users cannot be identified from them.
• Hanken & SSE has the right to draw and present conclusions of the use of the Service according to the information entered to the Service by the user.

Hanken & SSE reserves the right to produce and offer the Service as it deems appropriate. Hanken & SSE has also the right to amend and update its Service, from time to time, at its discretion.

Ownership and copyright of the Service
All rights to the Service, including intellectual property rights, belong to Hanken & SSE or its licensors. The user has no right to copy, licence, sub-licence, sell or otherwise dispose or distribute the Service or any parts of it. When using the Service, all applicable laws, regulations, orders, good manners and terms and conditions applicable at the time must be complied with.

Other Terms
Applicable law and dispute resolution. The Finnish law applies for the Terms. Any disputes resulting from or related to the Terms shall be settled by arbitration in Helsinki.
Transferring the agreement. Hanken & SSE has the right to transfer the agreement in its entirety or partly to any third party as a part of the transfer of Service providing business. The user has no right to transfer the agreement to a third party.
Amending the Terms. Hanken & SSE may amend these Terms. The amended Terms apply also to those user accounts that have been created before the amendments enter into force. If the user does not accept the amended Terms, they have the right to terminate the user account as of the day when the amendments enter into force.